Wise Connections


Trade Shows, public expos, and exhibitions that form part of your conference. Wise Connections specialises in coordinating event logistics, liaising with exhibitors to help them optimise their involvement, and creating great visitor experiences.

We go beyond the management of your exhibition build. At Wise Connections we help your sponsors and exhibitors maximise their commercial opportunities, and we design enjoyable and beneficial visitor experiences, so your stakeholders feel that their time and money has been well-spent.

"Wise Connections provided exceptional support and adaptability throughout the planning and delivery process including managing registration, venue, speakers, online streaming, sponsorship and the exhibition. On the ground during the event, they managed the specific needs of not only our high-profile attendees, but they also managed the exhibitors with a high level of professionalism and feedback received from all stakeholders was extremely positive." - Dr. Tracey G, Chief Executive Officer

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