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Wise Connections considers privacy to be an important personal right.  While the Australian Privacy Principles do not technically apply to Wise Connections, we nonetheless do our best to manage our collection and use of personal information in a manner that would comply with those principles if they did apply.

The extent and type of information collected from you on this web site depends on your use of the site.

Non-Personal Information

If you visit this web site and read or download materials, such as information concerning our services, facilities and programmes, the information we receive is statistical only and will not be used to identify you personally.  That information may comprise computer information, session and click-stream data and cookies.


A cookie is a small text file placed on to your computer when you visit a web site.  Cookies are used to enhance the online experience - for example, "session cookies" are created at the beginning of the user's search session and discarded at its conclusion.  The cookie is not used to collect or store information about the user, only to allocate a temporary identifier to the search session.  Without the session identifier, the user might lose the entire search context each time a new page is visited during a session.

Most web browsers recognise when a cookie has been offered or placed on your computer.  Most web browser software enables you to decide whether you wish to reject or accept the cookie.  Check with your software supplier if you are not sure.  If cookies are disabled, you may find this web site provides less than desirable functionality and speed, for the reasons described above.

We do not use cookies to identify you personally, to connect your personal identity with your computer address or to track the navigational or browsing habits of identified visitors.

Personal Information

As a general rule, information that can directly identify an online visitor is collected via this web site only when offered by the visitor voluntarily and on an informed basis, for example if you subscribe to our newsletter or if you use the email function contained in this this website to contact us about our services or about an event we are managing.

Wise Connections identity and contact

Personal information identifying you has been or will be collected about you by the Wise Connections Pty Ltd (ABN 95 087 291 969)

You can contact our Privacy Officer by the following means:

Phone: (03) 9885 6566
Email: wise@wiseconnections.com.au
Postal Address: The Privacy Officer, Wise Connections Pty Ltd, 4/145 Wattletree Rd Malvern Victoria 3144 Australia.

Our privacy policy

Our privacy policy can be found on this website at www.wiseconnections.com.au

Alternatively, if you require a hard copy of our policy, please contact us by one of the aforementioned means and we will send it to you.

Wise Connections’ privacy policy contains further information about our collection, use and management of personal information, including:

  • how an individual can complain about a privacy issue, and how we will deal with such a complaint; and

  • how you may gain access to the personal information Wise Connections holds about you and how you can seek correction of such information.

Disclosure of personal information generally

The usual disclosure of personal information depends on the nature of our relationship with the individual concerned – and the transactions we are likely to have with that individual. 

As a general matter, however, please note that Wise Connections may from time to time use the services of temporary and external staff.  They are generally employees of a recruitment firm, not of Wise Connections.  To that extent they are external contractors who may have access to the personal information we have collected.

In addition, Wise Connections may use external contractors to assist it from time to time with our operations, such as experts in information technology, to set up, host and maintain our computer system, including our database, and to archive and store our records.

These service providers may have access to personal information we hold from time to time. 

Overseas disclosure

In most cases it is unlikely that we will disclose personal information collected about an individual to an overseas recipient. 

We may, however, manage events internationally from time to time.  If there is a need for us to disclose your personal information overseas we will obtain your consent unless we are satisfied that privacy laws similar to those applicable in Australia will protect your privacy there.

Purpose of our collection of personal information

The purposes for which we collect personal information will vary from case to case. 

If you contact us wishing to receive our newsletter and to remain informed about our events and activities, we will use your information solely for that purpose.  We may also use it to advise you of our services from time to time where we consider that you may have some interest in them.

If you are a client or prospective client or a supplier of goods or services, we will collect personal information solely for the purposes of providing our services and managing our commercial relationship with you, and to advise you of our services from time to time where we consider that you may have some interest in them.

Laws that require us to collect information

There are no specific laws that require Wise Connections to collect personal information.  We keep personal information for our tax records and for maintaining a record of our contracts and other legally binding transactions

Main consequences for the individual if the personal information we seek to collect is not provided to us

We collect the information we consider to be necessary and desirable to provide the information you have asked for and to provide our services.  If some or all of the information we ask you to provide is not provided to us we may be unable to provide the information you have requested or to provide our services to you at all or, we may be able to do so, but in a diminished way.

Disclosure of your personal information by Wise Connections

If you are an attendee at an event we manage on behalf of a client host, we may disclose your personal information to the host or to other suppliers who need to know of your attendance. 

We will never sell your personal information unless it is part of a sale of our business or a division of it.

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