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Online Events

Inclusive and convenient. And, yes, they can be entertaining.

Online events allow you to invite guests and presenters from all over the world. They can be configured to cater for people with various accessibility requirements. And people can view anytime, if you want them to.

Wise Connections partners with local recording studios and producers to create engaging and technically smooth online events. We take a TV studio approach, to ensure your attendees have a high-quality screen experience. We plan, test, and rehearse to ensure presenters are confident with cues and technology.

We deliver live online events with audience participation including workshops and exhibitions. And we produce pre-recorded shows including awards events and conference segments.

Wise Connections regularly uses EventsAir software, but will consider using your platform of choice.

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"The last few years, as we all know have set new benchmarks for event complexity. More than ever, we were appreciative of Wise Connections’ flexibility to adapt and refocus priorities in a continually changing landscape. Of all the events we had scheduled in over the last season, we were still able to proceed successfully for over 90% of them thanks to the team at Wise. They helped us to devise the best path forward in terms of how the events would best run in a revised format, facilitated the seamless transition of many of our events to online and managed the process and new procedures, connecting us with the relevant suppliers and supporting staff along the way." - Lindsay M, Chief Executive Officer

Are your delegates spread across the country? Connect with us and we’ll ensure your online event is a success.

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