Digital Experiences

It’s a digital world, so well-managed digital experiences are vital to the success of your event.

We combine technology with our human touch.

Digital technology crosses over many facets of an event experience. For an attendee it may be event promotions, registration or check-in, using an event app, or participating in an online event. For you it may be data collection, finance management, or engaging a keynote speaker on the opposite side of the world.

Wise Connections uses EventsAir software – for event management, as well as online events production. We regularly use EventsAir for registrations, exhibitor orders, event websites and apps, accommodation bookings, and marketing. We use the EventsAir AIRCast tools when producing online and hybrid events, integrating with attendee’s data provided as part of their registration process.

If a different digital solution is required, we will use other software and specialised hardware to ensure you have the best result for your organisation and your event.

"The tech support from Wise Connections was also seamless, the feedback from participants was that the registration and payment portal was smooth, the app managed by Wise Connections for the event was clear, user friendly and saved a huge amount of confusion for delegates in terms of break out session content and location.

Wise Connections took the time to understand the unique requirements of our event and the specific needs of our key stakeholders and provided great advice to ensure everything went smoothly onsite throughout the conference. They always communicated in a professional and friendly manner to everyone involved with the conference and were a great team to work with."
- Dr. Tracey G, Chief Executive Officer

In a digital world you need a human touch, and Wise Connections are experts. Contact us to see how we can enhance your event.

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