Event Management

We are event management experts, with a wide network of trusted event suppliers.

We manage suppliers throughout event planning and on-site, and are happy to be involved in contracting supplier services. We partner with suppliers to ensure ideas are explored, and the best solutions locked in.

We coordinate event logistics to ensure efficient and safe set up, delivery, and bump out of your event.

On-site we manage event preparations and we are hands-on in the delivery of your event including front-of-house reception, event floor operations, and back-stage management. We liaise with entertainers, exhibitors, VIPs, and award recipients, creating a warm, stress-free environment while delivering a slick program.

We generate our own on-site documentation including detailed running sheet, so that Wise Connections on-site team members are across all elements of your event.

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"They offer an infrastructure strengthening ability. I bring them in to undertake activities we don’t have capacity to do ourselves. It's a cost effective way of dealing with capacity. They have the expertise."

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